The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has emerged as one of the worst health-related pandemics in modern history and has caused a significant degree of devastation and disruption across our region.

McDaniel Law, LLC is selectively gathering statements from certain persons that have fallen victim to COVID-19 as a result of negligence.  Numerous lawsuits around the nation have been filed where reasonable measures were not taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Many common lawsuits have included cruise ship cases, nursing homes, and even business interruption insurance lawsuits.  If you, or a loved one, have fallen victim to COVID-19 as a result of negligence, then it is important to discuss this matter promptly.  The importance of raising a timely claim is critical due to certain statutes of limitations or even future laws that may try to limit or even deny a fair recovery for victims.

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Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Modified Procedures:

The Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in the issuance of certain Executive Orders from each state's respective governor.  The Pandemic has also left many people concerned about where to turn for urgent legal assistance.

McDaniel Law, LLC is committed to following all respective state-issued Executive Orders, procedures, and recommendations to ensure safe and effective legal representation. These procedures include the option to meet telephonically, by video conference, or by electronic correspondence. For in-person meetings, social-distancing, face mask donning, and proper sanitization methods are routinely implemented.

Likewise, the courts and legal community have responded quickly to this emergency and are taking all appropriate steps to ensure the orderly and fair administration of justice.  While some civil cases have been temporarily delayed or continued on a case-by-case basis, other steps implemented include the use of telephonic or video technology in lieu of in-person appearances; allowing attorneys, self-represented litigants, and witnesses to appear remotely; and restricting courthouse access to certain high-risk persons.


This law practice is carefully monitoring this developing situation on behalf of all Clients.  Do not hesitate to contact this office if you have an urgent problem.