McDaniel Law LLC Wins Federal Jury Verdict for Excessive Force in Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983

Attorney Matthew McDaniel obtained a $215,000 jury verdict in federal court against an Indiana police department for excessive force.

McDaniel Law LLC Recovers Interstate Assets after a Short-Term Marriage

Attorney Matthew McDaniel successfully obtained a judgment recovering multiple real estate interests from an ex-spouse's regional business over a fifteen-year period.

McDaniel Law LLC Successfully Defends Mother Attempting to Relocate Child Multiple Times

Attorney Matthew McDaniel successfully defended a custody case where the ex attempted to modify custody after a Client repeatedly relocated the child on multiple occasions. The Client won.

Criminal Charges Diverted for Client Accused of Felony Theft

Our Client was charged with Felony Theft after being accused of stealing from another person. The State's case appeared to be rock solid. But, after extensive casework and litigation, Attorney Matthew McDaniel diverted the charge, resulting in no further prosecution.

House Arrest for Client Accused of an Interstate Drug Distribution Ring

The Indiana State Police accused our Client of an interstate drug distribution operation and labeled it as "one of the top ten biggest drug cases in the country." Attorney Matthew McDaniel hammered the prosecution for two long years before securing a plea bargain resulting in a manageable period of house arrest.

Large Assets Uncovered in Divorce Case

Our Client was unaware of what her ex had hidden from her over the past few decades. Attorney Matthew McDaniel uncovered everything.

Five Figure Settlement Obtained After Minor Rear-End Collision

Attorney Matthew McDaniel forced a five-figure settlement from a major insurance company after a Client was involved in a minor traffic accident with minimal injury and minimal vehicle damage. The case took some time to resolve, but the Client was happy with the final result.

Past cases are not a guarantee of future results.


Q. How much does a divorce cost?

A. Legal counsel often bill at hourly rates and the rate can vary widely depending upon each individual market. One may find that in smaller markets, the hourly rate can be as low as $200.00 per hour and in larger markets, the hourly rate may approach $500.00 per hour and beyond. Actual divorce costs vary significantly depending on factors such as the complexity of the marital estate, whether child support or custody is involved, whether spousal support is a factor, and whether the divorce was negotiated out of court or the case proceeds to trial. There are other costs involved such as disbursements for process serving and court filing fees. In addition, some circumstances may require appraisals, ongoing discovery, mediation, and financial accounting, which adds additional costs.

Q. How long does a divorce or custody process take?


A. Some states, like Indiana for example, statutorily require a sixty (60) day waiting period before a Court will finalize a divorce. Practically speaking, very few divorces are completed in only sixty (60) days. This is because many of the legal requirements take far longer to accomplish. The length of the divorce procedure is mostly determined by the disputes involved with the case or the complexity of the legal issues involved. Cases involving short-term marriages or couples without children, property, and marital debt and assets, for example, are less time-consuming and expensive than those involving long-term marriages, marital properties, debts, assets, and children.

The length of the divorce or custody action is also determined by whether the parties can agree on terms. When the couple disagrees on a number of issues (spousal support, child custody, and asset, property, and debt split), the divorce frequently takes a lengthy time.

Q. How can I know what ruling the Court will make in my case?

A. No lawyer can guarantee you any certain or specific outcome. However, an experienced and skilled divorce attorney should be able to inform you what is common and what the outcomes are in instances like yours.  If many important facts of your case are unknown, then it will be difficult to predict how the law will apply to a particular legal issue. Although obtaining relevant evidence and information during the legal process is time-consuming and costly, it is absolutely critical in order to present the strongest case possible. In many areas of family law, the statutes providing for a dissolution of marriage grant the family law judge significant discretion in making rulings. This is why it is critical that a skilled attorney builds your case carefully and methodically.